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checks and guns carrying near schools or giving them to minors. we don't know what strengthened and stiffened penalties. t there are a lot of loose terms. >> tucker: we don't know anything, other than the mental component would have had an impact. it's hard to see to not see this as a power grab, none of these are related to what americans are upset about. if i give my 16-year-old a shotgun, they have to register, the burden falls on people who haven't committed a crime. >> clayton: you don't have to register the shotgun now. >> alisyn: you don't have to let authorities know. >> tucker: the federal authorities. in new york state perhaps you would, but most states you don't. >> alisyn: as we know the atf has a problem with that, tasked with regulating firearms, has a problem not significanting out which gun is going where, when people give them away, sell them. if it's stolen. atf one of the agencies that called for the national data base. obviously that's controversial. people don't want to be in a data base, they want to have-- >> this came up in the wake of the shootings in au
- in for treasury secretary or does president obama have a fight on his hand? >> i don't know if you would call him a shoe-in. he is going to be touched up a bit by the republicans but he is going to be confirmed. does obama have a fight object his hands? you bet, but the fight is going to be over chuck hagel for secretary of defense. that is going to be a proxy battle between what you might call the know 0-conservatives, the bush ii folks, mccain, lieberman, lindsey graham, and the others and what hagel stands for, john, is non- interventionist foreign policy. we don't go to war unless vital interests are at stake. we put our own country first. i think this is going to be the battle royal in the coming months. >> eleanor. >> nobody is a shoe-in with the republican party that fails to defeat president obama for reelection but still seems determined to make him a failed president but jacob lew is as close to a shoe-in as there can be. the only complaint you hear is that he hasn't spent enough time on wall street, and for a lot of democrats that's actually a positive attribute. so he will be confirme
to say i'm not going to pay my bills unless you stop being stuff? well, then stop buying stuff so you don't have future bills but right now we have to pay the bills that have been incurred. >> shepard: the president said on saturday that he will not compromise over raising the debt ceiling. won't even put that on the table. shannon bream with the news live in washington this afternoon. how you is this strategy work out for republicans, shannon? >> shannon: the president says if they refuse everyone from business owners to average americans will suffer but republicans are calling his bluff saying the debt ceiling gives them leverage that will force democrats to get serious about spending cuts and entitlement reform. here is house republican jim jordan. >> let's do it for a change instead of saying oh, give us more revenue and we promise we will cut spending later. give us more borrowing authority and let us run up the credit card more. we promise we will cut -- this is lucy and charlie brown on the football and the american people are saying we are not going to try to kick it this time. >>
. i'm deborah feyerick in for don lemon. let's get you up to speed. a big announcement expected tomorrow in washington. sources tell cnn that president obama is going to cross party lines and announce former republican senator chuck hagel as his nominee for defense secretary. but hagel has critics on capitol hill even among republicans. the question is his past views on several issues, including israel. >> chuck hagel if confirmed to be secretary of defense would be the most antagonistic secretary of defense toward the state of israel in our nation's history. >> we'll have more in a few moments. >>> help is on the way for people who lost so much during superstorm sandy. president obama signed into law today a $9.7 billion sandy disaster relief package. it was the first legislative action of the new congress. a larger sandy aid package will have to wait. lawmakers will consider $51 billion relief bill on january 15th. some people were outraged after house speaker boehner canceled a vote tuesday on the entire aid package. sandy devastated parts of the northeast more than two month
and by and large they are the event to own. you don't want to invent the farm. >> and john layfield. sunny and happy in bermuda, final thought. >> it is great in bermuda. we need tourist. i agree with johnathon. >> thank you so much. that's it for the cost of freedom block today. thank you for being here. we'll see you on fox. have a great weekend and stay warm and please don't get sick . th flu has now reached epidemic porportion and practically the entire country is in the red. elderly and children are most vulnerable . the centers for disease control and prevention reports that as of right now. 20 children have died from the flu or complications as a result of the flu. i am uma, this is american's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol. the flu virus is spreading across the nation and with the flu on the rise, so is the demand for the vaccine. new york governor declared a state of emergency. we have the latest on the situation. anna, what can we tell us. >> it is a epidemkick and the dreaded flu season started in december . some places in the country. vaccine shortages, the si
will not negotiate over whether to raise the debt limit. why don't you believe him? >> well, i don't believe him for sort of practical reasons and partly for the history of his negotiating style. the practical reason is we have a couple of things coming up that he is clearly going to negotiate over, one of which is the sequester, the automatic spending cuts that they delayed for two months when they did the fiscal cliff deal. that is going to expire late february and early march. it is hard for them to say we are going to negotiate but don't call it a debt ceiling negotiation. we'll just call it a sequester negotiation. i think that is a difference without a distinction. i think what the president demonstrated in the end of the fiscal cliff negotiation and a couple of previous negotiations is he is a guy who wants a deal even when he is holding all the cards as he was in the fiscal cliff negotiation. he is not a guy who wants to tempt fate. he doesn't like chaos. he wants to get a deal. he wants both sides leaving the table thinking they got something. he wants to prove that washington can work.
today. we have to get our act together. we borrow 43 cents of every dollar we spend. if you don't have pomtitions that are willing to stand up to the president, who has no interest in reforming the way we spend. his first proposal to us was to borrow, to tax $1.6 trillion. and then not reduce the deficit but to add in another stimulus bill of $50 billion in 2013. he's a classic tax and spend liberal. we have to change our ways. there was one great hope left and it's the house of representatives. we can do it but we have to get our act together. >> the precurser that many of us see this vote being, to the debt ceiling fight that's still ahead. >> yeah. >> will that result in the house saying, look, we aren't going to continue to just let you borrow money if uv no intention of stopping the runaway spending? >> i'm just going from my freshman year to sophomore year. i've been there two years. a lot of us thought from barack obama would be may have like bill clinton. once he lost big in the first off election year, 2010, he would come to the center. he didn't do that. and so now you see ou
an extraordinary year, thank you for watching. >>> hello, everyone, i'm deborah in for don lemon. let's get you up to speed on the headlines. hillary clinton is returning to work tomorrow morning. it will be his first day back since she was delined by a stomach virus followed by a concussion and blood clot in her brain. she was released wednesday from a new york hospital. according to her schedule clinton will meet with her assistant secretary tomorrow morning. that meeting is her only public event of the day. >>> president obama plans to nominate chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense. reaction is already pouring in, some positive, some not. we'll have much more on the story in a moment. >>> pakistani intelligence officials say a suspected u.s. drone strike killed 17 people today. today's attack follows two suspected u.s. drone strikes last week that killed 15 people, including a taliban commander with ties to the pakistani military. demonstrators protested against drone strikes thursday and burned a u.s. flag. >>> parents in new york are on edge tonight waiting to hear if their children wi
you can locate people. you don't talk about a settlement really at the moon, but more and more people that i know that are aware of the economics, aware of history and what this country needs will agree with me that if you go to mars, you go there for permanency. if you go once and come back, go twice and come back i can tell you the senate will find out some other way to spend that money and we will have wasted everything we did. it's a government, conagra's that works on short term objectives to help keep their constituents satisfied by bringing home the bacon to get elected. [inaudible] [laughter] >> from the lead to president kennedy played a role in developing nasa and the space program. where were you when you heard the news and what was your impression of his leadership? >> i was at mit, and i thought there's a very positive statement. after i knew what the mercury program had been set as objectives. in april of 611th, what could we do? may 5th ellen shepherd went up and down. several like richard branson's project. it wasn't a flight. 20 days later, the president said we shoul
. >>> you can also find me on facebook. that's it for me. deb feyerick in for don lemon. have a great week! >>> hello, everyone. i'm deborah feyerick in for don lemon. a big announcement expected in you go wa. sources tell cnn that president obama will announce that chuck hagel is his nominee for secretary of defense. hagel has his share of critics, even within his own party. we'll have more on his expected nomination a few moments away. >> president obama signed into law today a $9.7 billion sandy relief package. the first legislative action. some were outraged after house speaker boehner canceled a vote on a much larger aid bill. sandy devastated parts of the northeast two months ago. lawmakers will consider a $51 billion aid package on january 15th. >> half of the residents of long beach, new york, remain homeless and still came out to say good-bye to a landmark. thousands witnessed the start of the demolition of the two-mile long brdwalk, damaged beyond repair by sandy. it will cost an estimated $25 million. the new bored walk should be ready in time for summer. >>> five men accused of
council to recapture liberty and change the hearts and minds. you are the leader. >> don't settle. lived better. live free. john: no more than 2 million understand >>. >> gregg: going from bad to worse, a severe deadly strain of flu is spreading cast the united states and officially hitting epidemic levels. widespread cases reporting in nearly every states. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. so the death toll grows. cdc releases numbers, 20 children have died and overall there are now 27 dead in minnesota, 22 in pennsylvania, 18 in massachusetts, 8 in oklahoma and six in illinois. nationwide the grim total may be higher since not all of the deaths are initially reported as linked to the flu. anna is following all this develop by the hour. live in the new york city newsroom. >> reporter: officials say the flu outbreak may be slowing, cuomo declared a state health emergency. flu has been reported in all states, 57 counties and all five boroughs. boston has been hit particularly hard. death toll stands at six including a child under the age
this year, but it seems as though it's even conceivable that he could wait out 2013 or no? >> no, i don't think so. i would say he hasn't fallen yet, but we're now into the end game where it's clear he's going to fall and just a question of how long, not just we're predicting, we want him out, but he really is on his way out. i don't think there is any way he will survive 2013, but i'm not convinced there will be a government to replace him by the end of 2013. >> why has he stayed there as long? i was more skeptical that he would fall quickly and the reason was simple. the syrians have a great army, a very strong army, and they have been incredibly brutal in their willingness to use it against the rebels. >> that's part of it. it's a real state. this is not like -- this is a real state but look what happened to the sunnis in iraq. they took their cue from that. they know it's not going to be pretty, the aftermath, plus they had external support. the russians and the chinese diplomatically and the iranians militarily. with military and economic support, oil support. you add all this up a
you, you don't get any down time. john said, i don't do down time. [ laughter ] >> brennan will face questions about drone strikes that may be more properly direct at the president. republicans may use the confirmation hearings to question about brennan about the attack in benghazi. his focus is on thrift threats in this country. in 2008 brennan withdrew his name from c.i.a. director rather answer questions about water boarding. he privately told mr. obama he opposed. >> john mccain still has questions about what role brennan played in enhanced interrogation and why he publicly seemed to support it and he intends to ask those questions. mccain a long time critic of water boarding. >> bret: thank you. the president's pick to run the c.i.a. spent 25 years there. katherine tells us john brennan may face a contentious battle. >> to his controversial statements that the c.i.a. interrogation program brennan himself acknowledged. >> i told the presidential today i'm the president's assistant on counterterrorism. i told him that i will do better and we will do better as a time teem. >> they
has been around. he understands the system. will his nomination play? we don't know until it's up and vetted and debated. >> okay. am i hearing a yes vote forever chuck hagel? >> i am saying, let's wait and see. >> okay. let's shift gears here. you are one of eight senators to vote against the fiscal cliff deal. now we are preparing for the debt ceiling. do you expect the same contentiousness and loggerheads? >> i think it will be contentious. it should be. we continue to borrow and spend. we don't cut. we are headed down the road to financial destruction, as everybody knows. we do need to pay our debts, but we don't need to keep incurring that debt. that's the argument we should make. we have to come to financial sanity and we are not there yet. i believe at theep of the day, if the president will get involved -- if he will get involved, we could do some good things, but we have to cut spending, we have some type of a grand bargain? i don't know. but we are in better shape than we were on the tax stuff. >> you said you would like to see the president get involved. let's listen to
know, i was so engrossed in it. i don't want to intimidate you all. >> you have no idea who won, do you? >> looks like the redskins. my dad was watching. he loves football. >> willie, here's the deal. you have dr. james andrews from my hometown. >> yep. >> and he's on the sidelines. and you've got the franchise player. and he's -- and shanahan did this earlier in the year. the guy gets hurt. shanahan shoves him back onto the field. you've got a rookie quarterback who, of course, is going to want to go in and play. that was just reckless, reckless negligence, not with a guy in his final year, but a guy in his first year who's your franchise player. i'm telling you, man. shanahan is taking too many chances with this great player. i mean, i think that's almost a fireable offense. he was hurt. >> it was awful. it was really hard to watch. it was like watching a fighter who's got one eye closed. he can't move his left arm. and of course, he wants to stay in the ring. he wants to show he's got guts, he's got courage. somebody, the guy in the corner, the doctor, has to step in and say he shoul
-- you certainly don't want to leave things worse than you found them. and this is, of course, much of the consternation and the stress, i suspect, of people in afghanistan feeling post-2014. what is going to be left behind? will the peace and stability hold? what about the ongoing development projects that are in that country? and that has been true going back to second world war and beyond. so put it into the context of syria. who can make the most meaningful contributions now? and the contribution doesn't have to be military. russia, i would suggest, should be called upon to step up and belly up to the u.n. security council and exert influence. they, i suggest, are the most influential at this time. and have the ability, number one, to stop supporting this regime that is slaughtering its citizens, to stop by its acquiescence standing on the sidelines and letting it happen while the rest of the world wrings its hands and sucks its teeth. >> how do we accomplish that? >> well, pause i think they can -- because i think they can exert influence in the capital of syria. i think they'r
are the weapons people are trying to get their hand on, the weapons likely targeted by the new gun laws you. don't need them for hunting. you don't need them for personal protection. why do you need them? >> the gun that is selling extremely well, best of all is ar-15, exact weapon used at sandy hook elementary school. >> military style assault weapon you. need it maybe in the military. why do you need it at home? >> that's the one side of the debate. other folks say, hands off my guns. second amendment. this, the thing is whatever happens. whatever the white house pushes for, another bloodbath on capitol hill to get anything through. early signs are they're going to go beyond reinstating assault weapons ban and getting rid of high-capacity magazines. the white house may go further than that. it will be a contentious battle. stay tuned. >> stay tuned. >>> a 17-year-old alabama high school student due in court this morning. accused of plotting to blow up his school in a hate crime spree. police say derek shrout charged as an adult with attempted assault. he describes himself as a white supremacis
, that was his story. he talked to folks in the room with vice president biden. biden told them, don't worry about the politics. let's go for what makes the most sense. let's not rule anything out what can get through washington and what can't. you went through the list. what was also interesting in the story is the white house, looking for ways to get around the pressure of the nra, and one of the ideas they have is go to places like walmart and other places that sell guns that actually have somewhat of a business interest in the way guns are regulated in that there's a loophole. if you buy guns at private gun shows, you don't have to get a permit for that. that would put a different pressure in the game. you already have folks coming out today, republicans saying a lot of these are nonstarters in their mind. it's going to be tough. the story basically said the white house has not ruled any of these things out. they're looking at strong measures, maybe stronger than anyone thought. >> bringing walmart on board would be a big pr approach to do it too. thank you. >>> coming up, congressman ch
want to say that as much as i enjoy my gun rights i don't totally agree with wayne lapierre. as a matter of fact, i stay out of the n.r.a. because it is more political than protecting my rights, in my opinion. but i do feel that these outleft-handish attacks on -- outland i outlandish attacks on gun owners and my enjoyment they want to get rid of assault rifles. i have to say a bolt action and se rifle are two different things. when i shoot i enjoy shooting with a semiauto so my shoulder doesn't get broke. i'm not a hunter but i do enjoy shooting. i enjoy protecting myself and having the right to but that is my responsibility. host: how do you strike the balance? clearly you are right in the second amendment rights of the constitution. caller: i was just about to get that if i own a gun i can disarm it. that was the mother's gupn that her mother killed her with. i don't put mine in a case and if i did i would be smart enough to disable it if someone couldn't use it. it is personal responsibility but i don't see the n.r.a. going after that. it is strictly that i can own my gu
're going to stop you. >> they stop about 90% of the people coming in. >> i don't mind the police being here, but not the harassment. >> new york police are not allowed to routinely stop pedestrians outside private residential buildings in the bronx. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. at least five people have been killed in u.s. drone strike in pakistan earlier today. the strike hit a home in north waziristan. it was at least the seventh u.s. drone strike in less than two weeks. the attack comes as the cia nominee john brennan continues to come under scrutiny for his role in the obama administration's drone warfare overseas. in his remarks at the time, brennan had said there was not a single collateral death in the previous year of drone attacks. his letter qualified his remarks by saying he had no information to the at the time. it has been revealed the u.s. a massacre at the time convict pakistani concerns directly to the highest levels of the obama white house. the concern centered around a march 2011 str
reactions to reports of a possible confession. >> if he admitted it and he's no longer doping, i don't see why he can't race. >> a lot of talk about what he might say but no word yet from armstrong himself. for "today", mark potter, nbc news, miami. >>> it's now 14 minutes past the hour. again, here's erica. >> lester, thank you. it's been a rough few months for a couple on staten island. superstorm sandy destroyed their home of 43 years. adding insult to injury, as they are battling their insurance company now, they are furious their home was shown in a television ad for allstate. here's michelle franzen. >> reporter: it is a few sheila and dominic still can't belive is real. >> it's our home. our white picket fence. >> reporter: the couple's staten island home where they lived more than 40 years and raised four children was destroyed by sandy. >> but the grandkids would come over and that was their clubhouse. they loved it. >> reporter: their possessions, mementos and investment gone. the couple says their insurance company, allstate, is refusing to pay their full claim. instead offering
, just so you don't think were picking on dod, a.i.d. is no better. as far as we can tell, they have a hard time grasping what they constructed and even where they are located. and i would ask you to go to our web site in the next month or two and you are going to see an interesting audit and the findings i believe are going to be, we are missing a number of buildings that we thought we had dealt in afghanistan. i don't know where they went, but they be they were never built. the second issue that we are facing has to do with quality assurance. it is our job at sigar to conduct oversight of the reconstruction effort, but it is also the responsibility of the agencies, the implementing agencies, to monitor the progress and to do the due diligence before you turn them over to the afghans -- government. we are unfortunately finding that agencies often, often fail to fully implement their quality assurance programs. let's go back to the kunduz garrison. we found that quality assurance process was virtually nonexistent during the first nine months of the project. the most critical nine-m
in my future, i don't want to go to work, i don't feel well, you're going to draw in more negativity, you're going to get bitter on life and sink down into depression and miss your purpose. it's not easy when things are coming against you. you've got to get up and find something to be grateful for. >> that's it for us tonight. it's been an extraordinary year easy, but you have to get up and find something to be grateful for. >> that's it for us tonight, it's been an extraordinary year, thanks for watching. >>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta this is "early start weekend." >> i have been coming to the show for years. this is one of the biggest crowds i've ever seen. >>> gun dealers ignore protesters. >>> the fashion mogul who dresses the hollywood elite missing. now a desperate search for his airplane. >>> it's a new year. how's that budget going? practical advice on how to get your money in order. >>> it is sunday, january 6th. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. we start this morning in stanford, connecticut, where a gun show went on as planned despite the tragedy in newt
, yeah, okay. i did say to lance, i would do it this once, but don't tell me what i'm picking up. i don't want to know. >> why did you do it? >> i always felt kind of guilty in ways by not getting involved in the medical program because be involved in the medical program and i wouldn't, at the time, i probably stood out a bit because i didn't. and so i kind of felt, here, i'll do it. >> did you see lance armstrong inject himself with drugs or take drugs? >> you don't sit and do it in front of people. couple riders would do it because they would share rooms. if the door is shut, you don't go in that door. >> there's also a famous quote which has been said a lot. >> the quote got a bit dramatized and history has shown that i didn't have enough to bring him down and i never wanted to bring him down. never, ever wanted to bring lance down. i think in the long term it will be good for cycling and good for riders involved in cycling because i think now, more than ever, this is the opportunity for riders to have the choice to ride clean and stay clean, if they choose to. >> we'll have much mor
of the er, out of the hospital, if you don't have the flu. the flu hitting 41 states tonight from coast to coast and growing this evening. more than 2,200 people in the hospital. 18 children have died and this season is just getting started. dr. ashton from our medical team standing by tonight, but first abc's john schriffen with the images from the front line against the flu. >> reporter: from chicago to atlanta -- >> i don't want this shot. >> reporter: -- to ohio. doctors in emergency rooms are overwhelmed with a flu that seems to be spreading like wildfire. in florida, where the flu has hit hard and early, 7-month-old baby estrella is sick with a respiratory virus the doctors are seeing along with influenza. just one of dozens of children dr. rosenberg has been treating. >> it's been an epidemic, a lot of admissions from the flu, more than ever. >> reporter: in illinois, doctors say they haven't seen this many cases since the swine flu outbreak in 2009. this year the flu is hitting even the strongest among us. like 28-year-old matt head. >> one minute i'm a thousand degrees sweating
don't respect weakness. >> reporter: his defenders point out that chuck hagel valiantly in vietnam. he received two purple hearts there. knows what war is all about but his critics pipt out that was against the surge in iraq. he called it the biggest foreign policy mistake. he warned it would be the biggest foreign policy mistake since vietnam. obviously the surge turned out differently. he will face tough questions about those positions if he will take the helm at the defense department. general jenna. jenna: all ahead, thank you, jennifer. jon: for more on the controversy surrounding the president's planned picks let's bring in bret stevens, foreign affairs columnist at "wall street journal." about chuck hagel first. it is a quote that sounds familiar to you and you wrote it. before his official nomination, mr. obama may appoint mr. hagel to take a place at the pentagon. as almost score setting matter i almost hope he does. it would confirm a point i made earlier this column earlier this year, that mr. obama is not a friend of israel. >> you could hardly think of another leading cont
. there are 37 states where legislatures have told regulators they don't have to okay every excessive increase in health insurance premiums. >> one of the biggest confirmation battles could soon be here and fox news has learned that president obama has nominated chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense but his viewings on israel are a hot topic. >> whoever is nominated for secretary of defense is going to have to have a full understanding of our close relationship with our israeli allies, the iranian threat and the importance of having a robust military. whoever that is, i think will be given a thorough vetting and if hagel is nominated he will be subjected to the same kinds of review of his credentials as anyone else. >> this is in your face nomination by the president to all of us who are supportive of israel. i don't know what his management experience is regarding pentagon little if any. so i think its controversial choice. >> jamie: would hagel survive a senate hearing? let's bring in ron bongene and margie o'meara. great to see both of you. it seems like both sides of the aisle agree
to fellow republicans but that's gone by the boards. i don't see any visible evidence of republican support for their former colleague in the senate. and one of the things that's awkward about this is that we have secretary leon panetta, wht with no timetable. you have a lame duck secretary of defense, hard to make decisions, uncertainty about the future. if barney frank because the interim democratic senator from massachusetts when john kerry is confirmed as secretary of state, you've got somebody who is basically vowed to do whatever it takes to stop the hagel nomination as long as he's in the senate. the prospect is real confusion and uncertainty and the absence of effective active leadership has the department of defense, precisely at the point in time when the threatened see questions transportation of the defense budget looms in a couple of months. >> understood. thank you for your thoughts. >> thank you. >> more about former senator hagel. as we were talking just now, he's a vietnam veteran, decorated two purple hearts. he's a member of the secretary of defense policy board and cocha
choice since sort of early/mid-december and i don't think that really wavered even in the face of all this criticism that has come out. first, the president obviously believes that he's qualified. he's a decorated war veteran. in the congress, he served on the foreign relations and intelligence committees. he's co-chair of the president's intelligence advisory board. i think the president and chuck hagel formed a bond over their mutual opposition to the war in iraq. as you know, hagel opposed the surge in iraq. i should add, he opposed the surge in afghanistan, which the president himself authored. but there's one other reason that i think the president looked to chuck hagel. and that is that he believes that hagel will not necessarily just accept the advice of the generals and say "that's it." he believes he will not be intimidated by the generals. that he can stand up to the generals. and in the statement, we heard the president say today, he made it very clear that hagel is, as he put it, geared towards the guy at the bottom who is doing the fighting and the dying. and i think that
[ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. >> bret: timely tonight, we are getting ready for president obama's second inauguration, a big speech, a lot ofy moment and at times like this it's looking back at history. president obama took his ad-mile-an-hour ration for one former president to new heights. >> people have been asking me a lot about the film lincoln, and, you know,. >> is this your lincoln moment. >> well, no, look. a, i never compare myself to lincoln and b. [ laughter ] >> it's tough. it's just tough. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, the massacre at the movie theater. today court. chilling testimony. what brought officers on the stand to tears. plus, warring in washington. as the president named his picks for two key positions. nominees on the front line of our n
is the american people don't want trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. they don't want to have $20 trillion of debt on our children and our grandchildren and if the americans in congress can structure the debate and frame it in terms of we are willing to raise the debt ceiling if the president will work with us to address spending cuts, i think that's a winning political argument. >> i think it's very interesting. i am worning your take and the fact that the way that this deal was constructed over the cliff, the debt ceiling and the sequestration are bog going to happen around the same time. to me, that sets the stage -- finally -- and this is the optimist, for a big deal that takes care of both of those things. am i naive or can you imagine a scenario where the deal is done and our major fiscal issues are solved with one, big bargain? >> i feel like i am talking to john lennon. i want to imagine a perfect world where we can all win. you can protect the powerful and you can also protect the weak, protect the people. i want to see that happen. look, let's face facts. the $16 trillio
shutting down the government. i need this job like i need a hole in the head. i don't know what part of the job he's talking about. anyway, saying he plans to use the force of sequester and that most defense hawks in the house are behind him. "i got that in my back pocket. republican willingness to support the sequester is as much leverage as we're going to get." >>> this could be a very busy week at the white house on the personnel front if the president plans on changing up the players ahead of fiscal negotiations and maybe do it now and do it this week. white house chief of staff, well, maybe very, very short. current chief of staff jack lew of management and budget is considered to be tim geithner's most likely successor and that's deputy national security adviser denis mcdonough. anything could change, but those could be the most likely picks. other members of the administration suggest they're heading for the exits and you would assume the stuff starts ranking up in the next week or so. lisa jackson announced her departure at the end of january and rebecca blank who took over i
conditioning. the 13,000 refugees living here don't have to worry about the cold or floods. but for most, it's still a long way from the comforts of home. >> we can't wait to go back home. but, look, we have been abandoned. we thought it was going to be a matter of three months. the world is against us much the arab world, the west, the arab league, they have all left us on our own. >> this man and his family may be luckier than those trapped inside syria or the thousands of refugees facing tougher conditions in jordan and lebanon, but any time they watch the news, they are distressed. >> the scenes of the refugees facing cold are heartbreaking. these are children. i cannot find words to describe their suffering. we have everything but the others have nothing the >> these refugees are mainly from latakia and two other areas. all hoping to see an end to the war. >> we thought our fight was against assad. we find ourselves fighting the world. we don't want their aid. we want to go home. >> but for the time being, they have no other choice but to stay in this camp and pray for peace. conditions
. i don't think there's a lot of concern in this country that will somehow get over run by ph.d.'s and entrepreneurs. marco rubio sees this as a gateway issue for hispanic voters that could lead to migration for the republican parties if successful. if they want to over hall they need to convince big labor to go on board. >>> thanks so much. >> now it is my turn. >> thank you, jennifer. immigration will be the only tough fight ahead. president obama's promise he will tackle gun control in his second term and something that has already drawn fierce criticism. two of the cabinet picks will face confirmation battle. he will have to negotiate on the debt ceiling and see queststration. he hasn't officially started his second term with all of that happening. charlie hurt is a columnist for the washington times it is always great to have him here. >> of all of those issues which do you expect the president has the toughest challenge getting his agenda. >> they are all very thorny, but i think the overriding issue that will continue to be the big separation between republicans and the
in the senate said i will talk about anything, but i don't want to do this last-minute stuff. republicans are saying we are done with tax hikes, that was done in the fiscal cliff deal. we are not doing any more tax hikes. senator durbin says there are more tax hikes probably looning out there for the wealthy. this may sound very familiar 'cause it's pretty much the same argument they have been having around other fiscal issues for two years. >> right. but it could be a more fervent one. we will see. >> yes. yes. >> kansi crowley, as always, a weather. >> thanks, martin. >>> the president is also expected to fail couple other key cabinet posts. already said that senator john kerry is his pick to replace hillary clinton when she steps down as secretary of state kerry has support among republicans and he should, underline should, have a relatively easy ride through its confirmation process. white house chief of staff jack lew is considered to be a front-runner for treasury secretary. tim guy earthquake in the current head of the treasury, smektsed to leave around the time of the inauguration
favorite pig. did the wife like it? i don't think it ever saw the light of day. ah, right. so, the risk was never taken. uh, no, no. she might not like it. it certainly didn't grace the living room wall. ( laughter) it's a terrific thing. i just love it. well, i think it's probably worth about £800. really? as much as that? absolutely. it's beautifully drawn. fantastic. well, it won't go outside the family anyway. i'm pleased to hear that. so, which of you two is the collector? it's me. they're my cigarette cards. they're my guinea golds. i've been collecting those since i was about 15 or so. gosh. so, together as a married couple, you've been collecting for how many years? the best part of probably 14 years now. goodness me. well, what we're looking at are cigarette cards, but they're not just any cigarette cards. they're all one firm-- ogden's. british, and then an american firm and then a british firm again. why ogden's? because the cards are so fascinating. they're a part of social history. they explain history from the 1900s. the subjects dealt with range f
generally use a bible, the hebrew scriptures, some use the constitution. some don't use anything, they just do an affirmation as opposed to swearing in, but this was the first time we know of that the bhagavad gita was used. >> and there was no controversy about it. i remember a couple of years ago when a muslim was sworn in. there was a huge controversy about his using the quran. this time? >> well, when keith ellison was elected and then sworn in in 2007 he did choose a quran. of course there are sensitivities with muslims and so there was some controversy. he ended up using a koran that was owned by thomas jefferson, which helped dampen some of that controversy. >> is this the most religiously diverse congress there's ever been? >> it is considered the most diverse congress ever. that sort of reflects the changes in american society. although congress hasn't kept up with all the changes exactly in american society. think about protestants. congress is still majority protestant, about 56%. >> but protestants went -- the number of protestants went down a little bit, the number of catholics
one day they don't. it is not a gradual process as neil ferguson has pointed out. -- niall ferguson has pointed out. these things are impossible to predict. they can be set on by a bit of bad budget news. >> ? -- bob? >> unlike greece and other countries, it is not that we do not have the financial ability to solve the problem. they do not. greece does not have debt. -- does not have that. we have the political will. -- we lack the political will. it is a different political situation. the other thing to keep in mind is we have not gotten the usual signal from bond markets are interest rates that you are living beyond your means. interest rates will go up. we have a weak economy. our fed has taken a set of policies for two years and now we're going to keep interest rates close to zero. that is a very unusual thing. it has eliminated one of the signals that the public and market and leaders look to for action. >> what do you think? >> the markets themselves are also telling us that interest rates are incredibly low because of the weak global economy. on the one hand i can talk about
weapons to factions that are fighting the regime that are aligned with our interests or not, and if we don't do this, won't the more extreme elements in the region support the radical islamic rebels fighting assad, and our stake in syria is we want the people to prevail closer to our interests than those of the radical muslim interests, but, yet, we are not supporting them materially. there are reports from syria saying there's a fair amount of resentment on this. one fact i want to point out is al-qaeda in iraq, which is an affiliate of al-qaeda central and was a big threat in iraq, is now heavily involved in the syria con thright under the front, and one reason it's able to do that is because we took our forces out of iraq in 2011. if we had just several thousand forces there working with iraqi special operations forces, i believe we could have attenuated the growth of al-qaeda in iraq, this iraq, and its influence in syria. it's an inadvertent consequence of the removal of all american forces at the end of 2011. >> host: your book gave insight into the syria connection as you call it, g
an unemployment rate in i.t. under 3%, the answer is always yes. don morton at microsoft in fargo, north dakota said that was a big challenge for them, finding individuals with these skills. and so we present them with the opportunity to bring these individuals in, to do this work, this very important work, software testing as an example. and we provide the supports for them. these individuals are our employees. so the employer or the contracting company isn't responsible for their employment. we are and since we understand autism, we understand both the benefits to it as well as the challenges. we're able to provide the supports and the structure that are necessary for these individuals to be successful on the job site. >> this seems to have begun in europe and i'm wondering what inspired you to bring it over here in the first place. >> well it's a pretty good story. i was meeting with a potential client in california, oakley sunglasses and the vice president there heard i had a son with autism and he sent me an article from "wired" magazine that described specialistern. the internet great thi
, they don't care what it means, they just want to get to the games. >>> san francisco's end of free parking on new year's on sundays has some unintended consequences. today is the first sunday people have to pay to park in the city, it's expected to bring in almost $2 million a year for the city's transportation agency. it's good news for the city, but frustrating for folks who just wanted to go downtown. >> it's a detriment to churches and church communities. and certainly to the community that people feel after churches. >> some small businesses are already voicing their concerns about charging for meters on sundays for parking. they say it will drive people to shop at malls where they can park for free. the transit agency says it will increase shopper turnover. >>> now back to our developing story in the south bay. a car crash landed into a pond this afternoon. now, we know that one woman is dead because of that accident. the pond is located along the almadden expressway near highway 85 interchange. california highway patrol says according to witnesses, a driver was speeding. crashed thr
client, are blaming the victim for what happened? >> i don't think you -- i don't think you can. and i can't control that. >> reporter: meanwhile, the alleged victim's family, the activists online and in the streets, insist they are determined to hold the two football stars and anyone else involved accountable. ron allen, nbc news, stubenville, ohio. >>> after more than a decade of denials, now comes word that lance armstrong has told associates that he is considering admitting to using a performance-enhancing drugs during his career. "the new york times," citing unnamed sources, is reporting that armstrong is considering a confession to help restore his career in triathlons and other athletic events. armstrong's attorneys have denied that their client has reached out to anti-doping officials about any possible confession. >>> also today, the nhand the players union reached a tentative agreement to end the 113-day nhl lockout. the deal, for which owners and players will vote on tuesday. it is likely the last chance to salvage what's left of the 2012/2013 nhl season. if it passes, play
're involved in? >> well, i don't think i can overstate how much it galvanized people. i think people saw an opening to talk about this issue that had been swept under the rugby politicians and others, neither the president nor romney talked about climate change during the election. suddenly people began to talk about the issue which was good. mayor bloomberg here, his endorsement on the president in part on climate change. so i think the storm, the prolonged drought affecting our nation's crops, they don't change everything. it doesn't mean we've won the battle but do open up the conversation from which we can begin to make the changes that we desperately need to make. >> good. well, again, we'll come back to issues around that. but let's hear the last set of predictions from governor whitman who was, of course, the head of e.p.a. under george w. bush. and also the -- prior to that the 50th governor of the state of new jersey, governor of the state of new jersey, as you will know, has more powers in the state, i think, than any other governor. it's a very important position. and now she
speaker, my name is sean patrick maloney. i'm new here. i don't know all the rules of washington but it seems like the rule here is to put off till tomorrow what should be done today even when our fellow americans are suffering. a long time ago i honored from my mom and dad, jim and joan maloney, and father bill nolan, a much better rule, the golden rule, americans by all parties live by it, the people of new york, new jersey and hudson valley live by it. bart and diana tyler of kellogg's hardware store in catona live by it. they lent critical supplies in the hour of maximum need and consoled them. they didn't make their neighbors wait 68 days for help. they didn't say they could do more later. they acted with speed and with caring. this new congress can start a new today. we can act with speed and caring. we don't need to wait. i urge my colleagues to bring this additional relief to the floor as soon as possible and support the bill today. i yield back my time. >> gentleman's time's expired. >> continue to reserve. how much time do i have remaining? >> 2.25 minutes remaining. >>
children of my own. >>> there is a sign near the intersection that says no crossing. they don't know whether the taxi driver will be cited. >>> there is no more free meter parking in san francisco. meters are going to be enforced every sunday, everywhere in the city from noon until 6:00 p.m. they hope it will free up parking places in the shopping district. but business owners are worried it will drive people away. drivers will get a warning if they don't feed the meters. >>> rosemary orozco, rosemary, you are right, and the majority of the bay area got wet. >> avoid driving in the afternoon. where was i? at 4:00? driving in the rain. if you have early morning errands, an umbrella will do you good. we will begin to see this taper off with spotty showers across the bay area. there is a live look there at the mostly gray skies. we will continue to see gray skies by the most of the day. partly cloudy and partly sunny, most of the sunday will be a little soggy and gray. give ago look here, storm tracker 2 picking up showers at long the peninsula. and san mateo has cleared the area and mo
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